B&C Exclusive srl accepts payments with Credit Cards, Paypal and Bank Transfer, and ships all over the world with the main international couriers.



In order to guarantee maximum security in the credit card payment system, B&C Exclusive srl uses secure payment systems by relying on Braintree Payments. 

To guarantee maximum security, Braintree Payments uses proven cryptographic techniques and respects the various banking regulations. 

The confidential data associated with the payment is transmitted directly in encrypted form (SSL). 

Only Braintree Payments (and not www.minart.ro or www.yasui.ro) will receive your credit card number.

The following credit cards are accepted:


 B&C Exclusive srl does not charge any commission for payments with credit cards.



PayPal is an internationally recognized company that offers a valid online payment solution, used every day by individuals and companies around the world.

When you use PayPal (account creation to make payments is free), your financial data is not shared with www.minart.ro or www.yasui.ro. Once the payment has been made, the receipt of the transaction will be sent to you by e-mail.

With PayPal, you can make purchases all over the world free of charge and securely both with a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) and with a prepaid card (like PostePay).

By selecting this payment method, you will be directed to the PayPal site where you will proceed with the payment. You can use PayPal even without creating an account. In fact, it is possible to pay, from time to time, by entering your data and those of your credit card.

Even if you have indicated an address in your PayPal account, we will ship to the delivery address you indicated when ordering the products.

B&C Exclusive srl does not charge any commission for payments with Paypal.



When you shop online you must select "bank transfer payment" as a payment method and you are automatically forwarded to the information to make the transfer. 

The details of your order are transmitted automatically but the order will be confirmed within 3 working days from the date of the transfer, after verification of the payment of the payment.

Depending on the economic and contractual conditions applied, your bank may charge a transfer fee.

 - Account holder: B&C Exclusive srl

 - Current account: Iban RO35BTRLRONCRT0V42387901

 - Bank address: Banca Transilvania, Cluj Napoca, Romania



B&C Exclusive srl ships with the most important international couriers or using its own means, choosing the fastest and cheapest solution.

Shipping costs are always indicated on offers, confirmations and invoices.

It is possible to choose your own courier and pay the delivery at destination. In this case the products must be picked up only from our factory in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

For orders placed on the website www.minart.ro or www.yasui.ro if the shipment exceeds 3 kg in weight or certain overall dimensions (volume), we will send an email with the actual weight / volume and ask for availability to integrate the figure. Requests for additions may also be sent in the case of locations that are difficult to reach, for which the courier requires a supplement. You can always decide to cancel the order following our integration request.

Indicative prices and delivery times for shipments up to 3 kg:


€ 6.00

1/3 working days

Europe EU area

€ 26.00

1/4 working days

Europe outside the EU

€ 52.00 *

2/6 working days

Rest of the world

€ 70.00 *

3/8 working days


The tracking of the package (tracking) is usually available online and is indicated by email immediately after shipment. In some cases the tracking information may be available 24 hours after the actual reliance on the courier.

* Important notes for non-EU countries: any customs or import charges are not charged at the time of purchase. Customs fees, if due, are to be paid by the recipient. These costs must not be confused with the transport costs, which are already paid during the purchase phase.

B&C Exclusive srl has no power of control over these duties. For more information we advise you to contact the customs authorities in your country.

(Last update: June 29, 2019)