RBF 37 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

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RBF 37 – Rotating Burnout FurnaceRBF 37 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

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Yasui RBF37 is our new solution for lost wax flask burnout process!

  • Uniform heating with minimum difference of temperature
  • Equal flask temperature distribution
  • Watch the exact temperature with the trace function
  • Touch display for easy setting and operation
  • Flask calling system -Set position – no need to open the door and check the flask .
  • Recovering after electrical power failure
  • Over heating protection safety
  • Small door for less heat loss when open
  • After-burner for environment and no smell
  • New after-burner with longer life
  • Good clean burnout for investment flask
  • Carbon free flask with good burnout cycle
  • Good controlled temperature for wax setting
  • Dewaxing during burnout
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RBF 37 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

RBF 37 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

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